Import data from elgg 1.7 to elgg 1.8

Hi to all;

I have elgg 1.7 installed but for some reason is not working good, so i decided to install elgg 1.8. There is a method how to import only data (like users account, post, groups etc) from 1.7 and put in 1.8?

Thank you!

  • Are you saying about upgrading the entire 1.7 site to 1.8?

    If so, just follow the instructions in the 1.8 upgrade.txt files. Upload the 1.8 files and run upgrade.php script.

    "Import data only" in the sense, you want to skip any part of the upgrade?

  • Purus;

    thank you for answer me.

    my idea is to install from scratch elgg1.8 and then insert only data about users (account, etc...), posts and groups.

    So you think is possible to do this or i need to upgrade?

    Thank you.

  • I don't think this would be worth the trouble. The upgrade to 1.8 migrates some database data, so you'd have to first import the data to a clean 1.7 installation, then upgrade that installation to 1.8. What problems are you having with 1.7 that makes you want drop data from it?

  • Hi Brett;

    thank you for answer.

    First of all i have a lot of spam (and i installed a antispam system).

    Second and most important is that after ligin i see other persons subcribed with only my avatar.

    I mean that when i go to see a member i see only my avatar in his profile and not his avatar.

    Thank you.