How to create multiple users at a single shot


I developed a social networking site with the help of elgg as a part of academic project. I am going to host it on amazon EC2 and will be developing a benchmark. But I am encounterimg a problem to create large number of users for testing purpose.I edited user profile using profile manager plugin. I added around 200 attributes for each user profile.Initially I have to create 10,000 users before hosting,its ok if I insert dummy data.I tried with importing  xml,But its not implementable for 10000 I guess.Can anybody suggest the best possible solutions?

thank you

  • If you knew the related tables and hashing algorithms you could do it straight in sql.  Unfortunately I do not.

  • Straight SQL ? Forget it -- too much trouble and too dangerous.
    There is a PlugIn to generate Test Users (might be Elgg <=1.7 only) --
    Look for it in the PlugIns Area  ;-)

  • Elgg has some caches that cause problems with long jobs that hit the database. 1.7.x and before also had a problem where the system log cache grew too large.

    You could turn off sustem logging and flush the caches every 1000 users:




  • @DhrupDeScoop:My elgg version is 1.8. So downloading that plugin wont cause a problem??

    @cash: My project is basically to test the scalability of the web app.. i am planning to host it on amazon ec2. The creation of 1 million users is basically to give a feel of 'Big Data'. Thats why i am going to create 1 million users. I am using mysql database as the backend. I am supposed to test the app by :

    A. Storing the data on the database.Host it on cloud. Measure the cloud's performance by querying and updating the db.

    B. Storing the data on a file system(HDFS) and then hosting it on cloud to measure the cloud's performance.

    Will I be able to do all this with elgg??

    • PlugIn problems ? -- first try & grab that PlugIn and test w/ Elgg.1.7.x - then can see how it performs, issues, etc
    • 10,000 or 1,000,000 test users ? r u joking ?? That's a l-o-t of data to load ;-)
    • Query and updates on DB - will take some l-a-r-g-e effort.. Should look into Apache AB/similar tools for that
    • Yep ;-) Elgg can do all that


  • I wanted to test it with 10,000 users first and then go for 1 million. Thanks a lot for the info. It was really helpful. :-) ;-)

  • @Shruti The generate users plugin for ELgg 1.8 is still not published here, on the community site, there are some issues to be resolved before releasing the new version. However you can grab the current version from my repository, that is 90% compatible with Elgg 1.8 (built-in JMeter tests will not work, though). You can generate 10,000 users with a reasonable amount of blogs, uploaded files, comments in a couple of minutes. Please make sure you read the whole documentation - this plugin does bulk database inserts, and can break your whole site.

    You'll need an SVN client to check out the code. URL is

  • Hey I inserted 100,000 users at a single shot. Wrote  a simple code in python.It worked.:-)           Thank you all....:-) :-)