Traffic problems?

Hi everyone,

I am going to use elgg for a project. There will be 2-3 different elgg systems running on a Ubuntu Server. I expect to have up to 500 students in total, which means that there will be up to 250 users per system.

Will Elgg be able to handle this? an Ubuntu Server can easly handle 500 users online, right?

  • We've got abt 215,000 Users on 1 Linux CentOS Box ! ;-P
    There's been posts before re: this for long time anyways on 'Elgg Scalability' ? ;-)
    Enjoy ELgGiNg..


  • @earthling - It's not the total number of users but how many concurrent users that make the difference. Also there is a big difference between a server running with Ubuntu that has a single processor and one that has tons of RAM and several cores.


  • oki.. yes, true indeed.
    I shud have added that kinda important numbers stuff..
    We run @CPU x4 @8GB RAM @Concurrents 50->150+ @Simultaneous 5-10

    [ for another discussion maybe..
      Our MySQl has tuned kinda finely
      to handle the > std out-of-box config parms ]