Maximum number of subpages


I created a general info 'page', and then created a number of subpages (so that they would appear in the side bar as a nice list/tree for people to dig deeper) so i could see whether that was a good way of doing things rather than create a page and manually put all the links to subpages within the page body (which would seem to defeat the purpose of subpages). However I'm guessing there is a limit of 10(?) on the number of subpages that will actually show up in the side bar?  I know I created more subpages than that but eventually :) worked out that every new one I created shoved an existing one off somewhere else (am sure they are around somewhere).  So my question is can I change the maximum/default number of subpages that are displayed? I have been searching for the file that I'd guess must contain the limit but not found it yet and dont really know where to look.  and yes if I'm honest I probably would struggle to recognise the code though i am getting better at it.  Thanks. Dave

  • Well dave i have run into the same problem i fixed it by naming two main pages... part1 "title" 1/8 and part2 "Title" 1/8 then you just link them. this will do until the boys fix the tree bug.