Admin Tools Plugin Order...

Hi All,

I am still learning the ropes here at elgg and whilst I have already achieved a lot from reading community posts and topics, I can't seem to be able to know what order my whole list of plugins should be in.

I do read a plugins information that is given in a plugin providers article before downloading it, but it is seldom mentioned where their plugin should be positioned in our list of plugins within our admin tools section.

Would it be feasible for somebody or a group of people who do know how most if not all plugins should be ordered, that we setup a group whereby people can post their Plugin Order list, like for e.g when you post your HijackThis log for pc help on their community forums?

Then the elgg expert people here can contribute their knowledge to helping us all get our plugin lists ordered in the right manner. Or, alternatively could it be put forward like providers now have the ability to state what elgg version their plugin is for, could the above scenario be extended to this?

I understand this may not be ideal but then again, I do believe from what I read on here that getting the position of our "Many" plugins that we install on our sites correct, is a pretty big thing to get right.

Don't shoot me down people, just the way I work in that if I feel there maybe something of great help to me in learning everything there is to learn about elgg, I will often list it if I feel it would also help many other newbies too.


  • Hi Rob

    The only thing I can help you with regards this is what I have been told and how I have mine ordered,

    the load order of plugins is from the bottom of the list upwards, i have mine set so security comes first, then the theme im using, then login/registration plugins, and everything else after that, if you have extentions to plugins like blogs and extended blogs have the main plugin first then secondary plugins just after that.

    Regards learning and using elgg, I have been using elgg for about a month now and have found it easy to manipulate to achieve what I need, i'm not a programmer, but have been building sites for years and have found elgg easy to understand and very clearly coded.

    Hope this helps a bit for you.

  • Hi tradermark,

    Thanks once again for your input, much appreciated and I will follow the above routine and see how it goes. It's not a scary thing to carry out but by heck it's laborious with only top, down, up and bottom... if only there was a "middle" order link as when you have 50+ plugins it takes forever.

    Hopefully your post above will help other newbies to understand the plugin order do's or don't, thanks once again.