1.8.1 b1 Dashboard configuration

I can add more than once "Group Activity" widget to my dashboard. Group activity button stays active all the time.

Environment: Apache 2.2.19, PHP 5.2.17, MySql 5.0.92 - XP, IE8, FF7.0.1

  • Hi Les,

    I'm not sure that this is a bug. Some widgets are configurable and it may make sense in some cases to allow multiple copies (eg. an RSS feed widget that allows you to configure a different feed for each widget).

    Perhaps plugin developers down the road could be allowed to specify whether users should be allowed to add multiple copies of their widgets.

  • Plugin developers can specify whether a widget can be added multiple times. The group activity widget is registered for multiple since a person can join more than one group.

  • OK, good news that feature is now working (for a while in Elgg 1.x I don't think it was).

  • Thanks for comments - in such case this widget is even more usefull.

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