Plugin: Etherpad lite integration


Have been working on a plugin that integrates etherpad lite. My first plugin for elgg. I am new to php but all is going well, have uploaded what i currently have to git if anyone is interested. here

Will upload to the plugins section once i finish remaining tasks and tidy it all up.

The aim of the plugin is to allow users/groups to create etherpads, which they can then collaboratively write documents with fellow users in realtime.

What it currently does; pad creation/deletion/modification, comments, notifications. configure etherpad from admin panel.

Whats left to do;  access control (currently all pads are public) and group pads. Adding the last etherpad options to the plugin settings. Will be working on these over the next few days. Also a few small things like moving remaining strings to languages/en.php and making the add/edit pages sticky, tidying up the code etc.

Anyway, feedback would be much appriciated.


edit: change the plugins root dir name to 'etherpad', (e.g should end up like mod/etherpad/start.php)  you can test using the following details without having to install etherpad.

host:                 apikey: EtherpadFTW