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It's now possible to upload through Embed content (1.8.1b1), but on my site when I try to add an image, only a thumbnail is inserted - tried in blogs and pages. Anybody else tried this?

  • That's how it is designed to work. Were you expecting something different?

  • Yes. I though it was designed to work like it always has. Is it a fance new elgg trend to insert a thumbnail in your blog post and pages and not an image of a size people can actually see?

  • I am using Elgg and the Embed that comes with it doesnt seem to work. I click on embed content and then upload file but nothing happens. I tried using embed from a newer version off the github site but that just refused to work at all and gave some loading error if I tried to click on it so I reverted back to version of embed.

  • @gillie - I don't know how embed used to work. Never really used it.

    @mdkberry - has a completely broken embed plugin.

  • When you upload an image, it's like the thumbnail generated and listed in the embed popup is inserted in the post and not the image, which in the right size if you go to files and check.

    Blog image 1.7


    Blog image 1.8


  • @gillie: best to open a ticket at trac about this issue. Maybe this issue was introduced during fixing the non-working embed plugin in 1.8.01. It surely works as you described in Elgg 1.7 - not the thumbnail but the real size picture to be inserted. I would also not like it, if it's the intended behaviour, if a mini-image would be inserted in Elgg 1.8 now instead. Have you checked out, if you can resize the image before you save the posting? Maybe the problem isn't that it's the thumbnail getting inserted instead of the real image, but the default size of the inserted image is just very small.

  • Also any input on how to create a UI to support selecting the image size would be appreciated.

  • Ticket opened, http://trac.elgg.org/ticket/3971

    A very usefull interface could be like below. When you open the embed content popup you can click "show" on one of the images in the list and then choose size and maybe even alignment. Wordpress like.



  • Cash, I think WordPress UI is a very good model to follow.

    Perhaps an algorithms would be to create a thumb based on user specification (simple input fields). I don't think css/html resizing is a good practice (haven't really looked into WP backend). The disadvantage of 1.7 and 1.8 embed is that user has no control over the appearance of the image. I think by allows users to specify dimensions and float, you could really add to the overall user experiences.

  • Thumbnails really need to be created based on site configuration rather than individual configuration to keep from breaking themes. I agree that giving user's a preference of size for insertion is a nice feature.

    I think Elgg creates 3 thumbnails by default and those could be options similar to Gillie's screenshots. One challenge is that we need different interactions for images and other file types.


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