ECML in 1.8 and the embed plugin

I'm interested in working on the ECML plugin. Brett told me some time ago it was not ready for prime time and that its companion, embed, needed additional work to support the extra functionality. I have the ECML plugin from git but cannot find any additional information on the branch of the embed plugin that has support for ECML. No sense reproducing functionality that has already been done. Any info out there on this? 

  • You would have to go back in the history of the Elgg git repository to find the version of embed that ECML worked with. Probably grabbing the Elgg repository as of August 1, 2010 would do.

    There is also a video on youtube that demonstrates the functionality in the account.

    Steps would be

    1. Getting ECML working

        a. My guess is this should be working. You should be able to manually enter the markup text and see the embed content.

        b. Also is a propietary markup language the right choice or should Elgg use an extension to Markdown


    2. Add code to ECML to register a tab to the embed insert lightbox

        a. See the documentation in embed plugin and look at the file plugin

        b. May need some custom JavaScript, but preference is definitely to get it working without that

  • The ECML on first glance looks to be in pretty good shape. I have it creating the embed tabs and displaying views. I saw the video last night which is what prompted me to post. No need to re-code that which is already done. I'd love to look at what they were able to get working.

    I think the best approach is to put some time into what exists and evaluate the result. The existing markdown in ECML gives me a quick path to a working prototype. I need to look at php markdown and php markdown extra and see what they offer. Are there others you'd recommend I look at? (off topic - but I did not hear back from you on the iPad fix - is a plugin what you were thinking rather than putting such fixes in core?)

  • I have a lot of threads running in parallel. I'll respond on that ticket.

    I haven't evaluated the various extensions people have added to markdown. I thought I saw that github markdown supports embeding videos.

  • I know you guys are slammed... not complaining at all... just want to find a home for the iPad changes.

    As for github markdown I presume you are referring to GFM. I have not looked at it much - but will. I think they are rendering their markdown files with Redcarpet (a Ruby library interface to Sundown - a C markdown processor that seems very well supported).

  • 'Elgg Repository as of August 1, 2010..' ?
    Hard as I looked I cud not find the correct links to the 'Aug 2010' repo versx ;-(
    "iPad.." - you got my cusiosity tentacles up. Wanna elaborate ?

  • The last commit by the Curverider team as they worked on seems to be this one:

    I found this by clicking on Commits on the Elgg github repo page and then jumping through the history.

  • ThX ;)
    Need to spend more time @ GitHub
    ( despite my lack of coordination between GitGui/Bash & GitHubCom being scary;)

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