tidypics 1.7.1 under elgg 1.8

Hi at all.

at first please excuse my scary english bnut its not my native language and many jears went by i learned it.

Cause many people says the 1.7.1 plugin works in elgg 1.8 i tried it out and solved the admin_gatekeeper()-problem. But i can´t reach the settings page.

Neither mod/tidypics/pages/admin.php?tab=settings nor photo/admin.php?tab=settings lead to the settings page.

So I thought it would be better to enter the settings manually. But i don´t know where the settings are saved. Could anybody say me which file I have to change ?


  • I haven't tried tidypics 1.7.1 in Elgg 1.8 myself, so I don't know what works or not. But to solve the problem with the admin section, the following modification might work:

    In the file tidypics/pages/admin.php add the line

    include_once dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)))) . "/engine/start.php";

    before the line


  • thx for your fast reply.

    But this have i done before i started this topic. So i could at least see the tabs but when i click on the links nothing happens. and so i´m not able to change the settings.


  • I'm afraid there are more changes necessary to get the current tidypics version working in Elgg 1.8 then. The settings you make in the admin section are not saved in a file but in the Elgg database. I don't know if it would be good to change the settings in the database directly though. In the worst case you will damage your whole site, if some options of tidypics are not compatible with Elgg 1.8.

    I know it's not a satisfying advice, but I would advice you to wait for an official release of an Elgg 1.8 compatible version of tidypics. There's a development version for Elgg 1.8 available at http://code.google.com/p/tidypics/. But I haven't tested it for months, so I don't know if it currently works or not (or if it is even the most recent development version).

    It has been said that there will be an Elgg 1.8 compatible version of tidypics after Elgg 1.8.1 has been released. Though this could still take a while (maybe several weeks until Elgg 1.8.1 and who knows how much longer then until a new tidypics).