Advertising Management for Social Site

Need plugin that can allow admins and specific users to manage advertising banners on site. For top of page, bottom of page and right side of pages. Admin can subdivide designated spaces into as many blocks as needed to place and sell advertising banners. Then activity of each add will monitored and logged.

A company can then add the Advertising Managent To their account on site. They can upload new ones for approval and they can request removel of active ones. New adds submitted must be of a certain size according to the availabe spaces available on site for advertising. If image is not the correct size site will tell user to modify image and resubmit. Admins can then see submitted adds and decide wether or not to approve them. Once add is approved admins will send a link to user to pay for service. Companies can then access add managent section and see analytic info on their adds.  Users can see billing info in their add management tool.

I know there are other advertising management plugins available, I am ok with just a customized version. If you can do this or something similar please let me know at once.

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Professional Services

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