Flickr, Video Embed, Chat?

I apologize if this is in the wrong area, but I am new to this.  I was just curious if anyone knows if plugin development for any of the following areas are underway?

1.  A flickr plugin to easily pull photos onto elgg blogs or pages

2. A video embed plugin to embed videos from youtube, photobucker, flickr etc.

3. What about a simple chat feature for users who are logged in?

4. A more complex message board system where you can have forum categories within a group's forum

  • Hi,

    There is already a Flickr plugin. Look for it in the plugin repository.

    You can already embed videos into the text field. You don't need a plugin for that. Just enable objects.

    I believe a simple chat plugin is in beta.


  • Found the flickr plugin but unfortunately I was looking for one that will let me embed photos into forum posts like this.  I tried it and it works here on elgg, but not on my version.  For some reason on my version it only works on pages and blogs?  I am using elgg 1.0 and I believe this is the same here so why wouldn't it work on my version?  Any ideas? 

    Also, what do you mean by enable objects? 

    Thanks for any help you can give me!  

    Let me try a youtube video here and see if it works.


  • didn't work.  Guess this community forum hasn't done the enable objects things either.