Openid Elgg 1.8


Have anyone developed a openid handler for v 1.8? I have looked around but have only found kevin Jardine's but it is not compatible with the new version.


  • OpenId Cient or Server ??
    OpenId for Elgg might have been abandoned (though I am not so sure of this);
    The impetus may have shifted toward OAuth for federating and networking sites.
    Kevin's work was started with Elgg < v.1.0 and enhanced for v.1 but not much after v.1.5
    [ I have myself looked at the OpenID core libraries and several other implematations..
    but these efforts must remain code-dreams because there's only 24 hrs in a day ;( ]
    Anyone seriosly looking for OpenId solutions with Elgg shulf spend some time investigating Jan Rain's work in this area to figure what they can develop to work within Elgg.

  • Well i i was searching for a client.

    Tnx for answer

  • True that I have done little on OpenID recently and I think that may be because OpenID has not turned out to be as popular as some people expected. There are other protocols like OAuth and SAML that have more useful features.