Live site keeps crashing

elgg 1.7.11 with all plugins Enabled and 20 more uploaded and Enabled. Shared hosting and no access to CRON. Three users are testing and it all works fine for a while and then some widgets (most but not all) stop displaying and the elgg ajax loading image remains on most widgets. No links work, we can Log-out but can't log-in again. This has happened 5 times now and for no apparent reason eg after a plugin being enabled. Any idea's what's causing this?

A snapshot of our plugins...


    • Disable all thirdparty plugins and check it again by re-enabling them one by one.
    • You can disable all the plugins at once by creating a file called "disabled" inside the mod directory
    • Try the eager widgets plugin by Cash
  • As Team Webgalli said, try the eager widgets plugin. My guess is that it might be a problem with the mysql server being not capable of handling the load (number of connections... and you most likely can't improve mysql performance on a shared server unfortunately). Cash's plugin could reduce the load on the mysql server and therefore prevent the site going down.