The action file for login was not found

The action file for login was not found. I'm finding an error like this. please help. Elgg 1.8

  • i had the same problem using elgg_view_form() and it was because the action file wasn't correctly defined in my_plugin/start.php.

  • @sachin and @zenin please check elgg path in database, check you have set correctly or not.

  • Is it on all actions, or just when you're trying to do something specific?

  • make sure in database tables, and config file ...

    for correct webroot and dataroot

  • It can be an error of mod_rewrite. Check your htaccess. Also try uploading a new version of Elgg.

  • @Sachin : good debugging. If you are having wrong site path, then the error is common to all site actions.  As a guest, the number of actions are limited (login, registration, forgot password only). That may be why you missed other actions.

  • @Sach:
    from your testimg - cpudl you see why the missng end-slash does *not (would not) cause problems at other times ? I've felt before that we need a simple edit-check for such inputs -- whether there is a traling slash or not ;-) and stop the Admin right there ! Maybe even a parse_url for stronger validation..

  • I for once agree with dhrup. We could use a parse_url tool for stronger validation, but this topic seems like it would go under elgg features or elgg plugins. It wouldn't be hard to build a url parser.

  • (1)    strlen(<input>)    == '/' or !=
        play around with terminal char?!

    (2)    filter_var(<input>,FILTER_VALIDATE_URL)
        make sure it's ok

    (3)    parse_url(<input>)
        [scheme] => http
        [host] => hostname
        [user] => username
        [pass] => password
        [path] => /path
        [query] => arg=value
        [fragment] => anchor

    if further detailed verificn desired

    so, who's detailing the code + writing up trac ticket ?
    ($today->iam ? ($toolazy || $busy) : $lolz}){ //betcha this actually executes correct;)

  • I started having the same problem just out of the blue. "The action file for login was not found." I am very much a novice on elgg, but I can pretty much understand most things. Can someone help me, in lay terms, as to what to do to correct this? I cannot login, register, or pretty much do anything beyond the login screen. Also, the login screen changed from the simple horizontal box to a wierd vertical one. Is this a mod problem or conflict? I am very confused about that. I greatly appreciate any help. I am using the latest version - 1.8.? only had working for about a week... Thanks!!!