Is there a way to like and unlike picture

Got elgg 1.7.11 with plugin tidypics and likes. But the users can't like or unlike the pictures. Is there another plugin or some modifications needs to be made ??

  • You need to extend the album/picture view in tidypics with a form/view used in likes.

  • thank you for the reply ihayredinov, but could you explain me how to do it please.......

  • Pretty much the standard Elgg Views extend code ;)
    This how to do it - something like this code in relevant start.php :-
    // extend css
    elgg_extend_view('tidypics/image_menu', 'MYPLUGIN-FOR-LIKES-FOLDER-NAME/LIKES-VIEW');

  • Thanks for the reply DhrupDeScoop, but please could you tell me which file to edit please......

  • @Anthony

    You'll want to put it in the <module>_init function in start.php.  It actually doesn't really matter which module's start.php, so if you have a module of your own I'd suggest putting it in there so as not to be customizing others modules (can lead to a headache when upgrading).


    elgg_extend_view('tidypics/image_menu', 'form/view');


    I don't know exactly what form/view should be, though if you use the content_debugger module you can easily find out just by mousing over the "like" button elsewhere.

  • ugh, look at that...

    module = plugin

    Apparantly I'm becoming drupalized already...

  • thank you for the reply Matt Beckett, And thanks to you all guys for the help !! Really appreciated !!

    BUT, once I made what you told me the pictures and album can only be liked or disliked on the river !!

    What I would like to is to have a ""Like"" and ""Dislike"" button under each picture kind like facebook, is that possible ????

    And thank you all again for the support !!



  • thanks for your really useful help. Unfortunely, the facebook button doesn't recognize the image, so it shares the link using the "powered by elgg" IMG of the bottom as tumbnail...!

    Any ideas to fix that?


    Thank you very much!