How to add a function to set a photo as "profileicon"?

any idea or clue? I had posted this question in the "General Discussion" but since 28 days ago and have not received a reply I guess this is the right place to get an answer

Elgg ver. 1.7

Thanks in advance


  • oh well.. ;-)
    a fair bit of php, elgg functions, internals coding; 
    if by "set a photo" you mean tidypics photos.
    need to play a fair bit technically cloning code from profile icon upload,
    and modifying that code to fetch an image from tidyics instead,
    creating various thumbnails, writing to the user's data sub-folder...
    i do not expect a trivial level of coding...
    not a recommended project for beginners.

  • yes! to tidypic, thanks for the reply, I will investigate this, for the moment everything is going well for me, I learn quickly, thanks ^ ^ and sorry for my english =S