Event calendar version for Elgg 1.8 ready for testing

I've uploaded what seems to be a stable version of the new Elgg 1.8 event calendar to github here:


At this point I don't recommend that you install it on a production site, but I am keen to get as much testing and as many bug reports as possible so please try it out!



  • Hi! I just downloaded and installed the plugin from GitHub and now I would ask if you can see a list of the past events too... and how I can remove the tab "My friends calendars", visible even when a user is not logged. Thanks in advance.

  • Alba, I fixed the filter menu bug. Thanks for the report.

    There is no reason why past events should not appear in the main event listing if they are in the database. I haven't changed the format for events. The widget only displays upcoming events.

    Personal calendars are now represented in a different way, however. The code should support legacy calendars, though.

  • Thanks you! ;)
    Now I'll test the new version ^_^

  • Hi Kevin,

    Sorry, I didn't want to disturb you again, but I'd like ask an other question: is it possible integrate a tweet button in this plugin, so I can tweet an event?


  • Hi Alba,

    You can add anything you like to this plugin. Just fork the code in github, add your feature and send me a pull request.

  • I won't promise to add any pull requests right away as the plugin is currently undergoing intensive development, but probably in May.

  • I would, but I'm not a developer. I'll wait for a new version.

    Thank you very much for your kindness.

    Best regards.

  • "Facing

    Could not load the elgg:event_calendar library from /home/xxx/public_html/clients/xxx.net/mod/event_calendar/models/model.php

    Using elgg 1.8.3" - Me

    "Alfirus, the library exists, so I think that you should try a reinstall of the plugin or you may have some server-related permissions issue." - Kevin

    If it is because of server-related permissions issue, maybe because of Options +FollowSymLinks is disable and replace by Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch. Options +FollowSymLinks is disable by most hosting provider due to security reason.

    Hope someone can overcome this problem.

  • Get the following error using elgg 1.8.3:

    Could not load the elgg event_calendar library from /home/xxx/public_html/clients/xxx.net/mod/event_calendar/models/model.php

    Having the same problem as Alfirus. Please advise.

  • As our communication between Ajit and me, it is not because of FollowSymLinks because mine disable while Ajit, enable.