Event calendar version for Elgg 1.8 ready for testing

I've uploaded what seems to be a stable version of the new Elgg 1.8 event calendar to github here:


At this point I don't recommend that you install it on a production site, but I am keen to get as much testing and as many bug reports as possible so please try it out!



  • Kevin,

    In my error_log file, I have the following error:

    [10-Nov-2011 09:15:01] PHP WARNING: 2011-11-10 09:15:01 (PST): "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" in file ../mod/event_calendar/start.php (line 342)

    the error may be related to the following function, and I also highlighted the questionable line.




    function event_calendar_entity_menu_prepare($hook, $type, $return, $params) {

    // remove access level from listings

    if (!elgg_in_context('event_calendar:view')) {

    $new_return = array();

    foreach($return['default'] AS $item) {

    if ($item->getName() != 'access') {

    $new_return[] = $item;



    $return['default'] = $new_return;



    return $return;


  • Thanks JoeZ,

    I've added a check to make sure that value is set and is an array.

  • Kevin,

    If I want to filter out the activity , and only show the groups' activity of the user, should I add a where statement query somewhere ?  


  • Kevin,

    Nice work!! Working smoothly so far (but just started testing)! The end date of an event however can be before the start date. Not realy a problem but still ;-)

  • Hello,

    firstly I would like to thank you all for the good work and allowing simpletons like myself to create a social network using the plugins you've developed.

    Could I ask a newbie question please.

    Ive just uploaded elgg to my domain and now I want to start adding plugins.

    Ive downloaded this calendar plugin but i dont know where to go from here! 

    Could you please help me by telling me how I can add this file to my domain, where it goes and any other info you could help me with to get it up an running on my domain.

    Your help on this subject will be grately appreciated.



  • Hi, seeing a few errors on this in version Elgg 1.8  - 2011110700

    in the settings page I get:

    • Deprecated in 1.8: settings/event_calendar/edit was deprecated in favor of plugins/event_calendar/settings

    • Deprecated in 1.8: input/pulldown was deprecated by input/dropdown

    And when I put a calendar event in a bunch of errors come up , I can then view the event but it shows me this:

    WARNING: Deprecated in 1.8: count_annotations() is deprecated by elgg_get_annotations() and passing "count" => true Called from [#20] /var/www/clients/client1/web4/web/mod/event_calendar/models/model.php:786
  • Hi Kevin

    Sorry i left you a message at the wrong place.

    I need help please, i am having an error while trying to register to en event as attendee, it gives this error:The requested URL /engine/handlers/action_handler.php was not found on this server

    Thanks in advance

  • Mike, I already responded to your previous post.

  • Hi Kevin,

    I just downloaded and installed from GitHub and I am finding that when I create a calendar entry, it moves the date up by one day. So, if I set a Start Date for Feb. 16, it will create the date for Feb. 15. I get the same result for End Date.

    I am wondering if this could be a time zone issue?





  • cyberfarer,

    I think that if the client and server are in different time zones, this problem might occur as then JS and PHP would disagree on the date.

    If you can track down the source of the problem and provide a patch I would be delighted.