Event calendar version for Elgg 1.8 ready for testing

I've uploaded what seems to be a stable version of the new Elgg 1.8 event calendar to github here:


At this point I don't recommend that you install it on a production site, but I am keen to get as much testing and as many bug reports as possible so please try it out!



  • Kevin,

    I found another bug or it is a setting I am missing. When you edit an event, the start date field shows the date as yyyy/mm/dd, so when you save the event the date changes to the wrong date. It seems like the field needs to be a unix time stamp value to maintain the correct date. Is this a setting I can't find or a bug? Thanks.

  • Hi KevinC,

    I think that this is a bug. The yyyy/mm/dd format is correct, but it should be converted properly into a Unix timestamp and I don't think that it is. I'll fix this tomorrow.


  • Kevin,

    The "show only these on" is not clickable. 



  • Joez,

    That's by design. It's text introducing the following two tabs.

  • Kevin,


    Wonderful work!

    I want to try adding "My groups' calenders" tab. Could you advise where I should start?



  • small bugs
    1) the Brief description doesn't appear
    2) the reply link doesn't go anywhere (would love to this working)
    3) start date setuo worked fine, i added a date to test.
    Then i added the finish date (left it blank) and the start date had changed.
    thanks very much for al the hard work you have been putting in.

  • Hi Waynaldo,

    Thanks for the report.

    Do you have a recent version - I think that I fixed the edit bug a week ago.

    What is the "reply link"?

    The brief description appears for me. Can you describe where it does not appear for you?

  • hi Kevin

    i downloaded the version from github yesterday.

    the brief description disappears after i press submit when i go back and edit it's still there with my brief description.

    The reply link

    Also... when selecting which members to add the created event to i only get two options out of 4, which is myself and my other admin account and no option for regular group members

    Also... "Automatically add group events for all members to their personal calendars." isn't working maybe that needs autocomplete, i'm using the old version (autocomplete) though i modified the version as suggested:- <?php
    require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . "/models/model.php");

    function autocomplete_init() {



  • Hi Waynaldo,

    Keep in mind that you can only add group members to group events.

    Are you still seeing the date edit errors?

    If so, are your browser and your server on the same time zone?

    I have no idea where the reply links are coming from but I think that they are added by another plugin, not the event calendar. I have never seen those.

    Autocomplete is not currently supported.

  • The date edit errors are now fixed.

    the calendar is looking great overall and i will be using it and let you know if i find anything else.

    Keep up the brilliant work!