Event calendar version for Elgg 1.8 ready for testing

I've uploaded what seems to be a stable version of the new Elgg 1.8 event calendar to github here:


At this point I don't recommend that you install it on a production site, but I am keen to get as much testing and as many bug reports as possible so please try it out!



  • Dear kevin,

    In your autocomplete plugin the following changes on start.php will get it to work in 1.8 :

    require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . "/models/model.php");

    function autocomplete_init() {

    I know it may seem stupid but maybe it could help :)

  • hi kevin,

    i got to my group page on my site and i click the link on the right "group calender" and it takes me to the frontpage...

    Other than that i'm wandering how to reposition the calendar on the group page as it is a main feature for my site, right now it's down the bottom of the page and isn't draggable like on the profile pages.

    whilst adding people as site admin to events is it possible to do an add all?

    or and when adding a group the option of adding to all members individual calendars of that group... or is that a bug that it doesn't?

    Thankyou so much for such a wonderful powerful plugin

  • waynaldo,

    Thanks for the bug reports.

    I can't reproduce them, however. When I click on the group calendar link on the right it takes me as expected to the group calendar.

    When I activate the "Automatically add group events for all members to their personal calendars" feature, all group members have new group events automatically added to their calendars. (Note that you need to activate this feature under plugin settings.)

    There is no feature to add site events to all member's calendars.

    Can you hover your mouse over the Group calendar link and tell me the URL?

    The format should be:



  • Also, so far as I know there is no way under Elgg 1.8 to modify the position of content boxes on the group profile page. Under Elgg 1.7 you could at least specify whether you wanted a plugin content box on the left or right side. But it appears that possibility has been removed under Elgg 1.8.

    You could try changing your plugin ordering to see if that makes a difference.

  • I can confirm the behavior @waynaldo experienced.  The link format is as you mention above, however the link goes to the main page.  I am getting the error 302 Moved Temporarily when trying to get to the group event link.  I have tried on 2 different test installs,  both public and walled garden.  Both test sites are on a shared host.  Let me know if I can provide addition details.

  • KevinC, I can't reproduce this.

    If the link is of the format I stated, it should (and does for me) go to the appropriate group calendar. The fact that you are getting a 302 error sounds like a server-specific problem.

    I'd like to help but I can't without more information.

    As Waynaldo has not answered my questions above about the link format, we don't actually know if you are seeing the same problem that he sees.

  • One thing you could try is to disable all your plugins except for the core plugins and the event calendar and see what happens then.

  • By the way KevinC, are you referring to two different issues? Waynaldo was referring to the group calendar link but you mentioned a group event link.

  • And are the problems you report only for group events? What happens in the site-wide calendar?