Issue with using two plugins for Registration form


I am having a problem I'm hoping there is a simple fix for. I am using two plugins to alter my registration page. One of the plugins is to create different membership types. With that plugin I can create different membership types and have the user select which one they want to use on the registration form. WOrks great by itself. The other is a form plugin where I can create any field I want and have it displayed on the registration page and it also works great by itself. The problem is if I have both plugins enabled the membership plugin overides the form plugin so only the membership type list is shown instead of the fields like [zip code] and [refferal email] that I created with the form plugin to show on the registration page. Is there any way I can fix this issue? 

  • they both override the same view, so whichever is placed lower in your list of plugins will win.

  • Thanks Trajan. That was a fast response. :) Do you think there could be a way this issue could be fixed where perhaps I have the form plugin placed on the bottom of the list and somehow try to call the membership function on the form registration by editing the registration.php file? I could try to do that but I think it would take me a long time to figure it out. What do you think? Any other ideas for a workaround? 

  • it can be done, but not idle coding mind you. Look into how extending views works.