Any Drupal devs around here?

My day job now has me working in Drupal creating a few custom modules.  Most confounding and immediate being a complex compound field for cck (working in Drupal 6 due to clients existing multisite).

This is the first time I've developed for Drupal, and after 6 immersive months in Elgg, Drupal just looks like a vomit of meaningless arrays for the most part.

So if anyone here is in the opposite position where they're coming from Drupal and Elgg seems like a complete mystery I'd be more than happy to trade expertise under whatever NDA necessary.

Why am I posting here?  This community went completely out of its way to help me get up to speed in Elgg.  After a 2 weeks of testing and browsing drupal documentation I have 3 unanswered threads on the Drupal forums, and I'm definitely not the ask a question without even googling first type.  I would have thought with a larger user base the forums there would be teeming with experts willing to help out a newcomer... that unfortunately doesn't appear to be the case.

  • We've been through pain like that also. Maybe the difference is that in the Elgg community people share a vision.

    Btw, for CMS we were happy to go and use Modx, which was refreshing compared to Drupal...

    Dream-dream ... somewhere in future we would like to be able to use Elgg as our preferred CMS as well... For now the elegance of Modx templating is very productive and very clean as it seperates not only data and logic like Elgg, but data, logic and appearance.