Format change of elgg_list_entiti


I want to change how elgg_list_entiti displays the blog's post.

How I can do?

  • Entities in Elgg have corresponding views used to render them. A blog uses the view "object/blog". A file is "object/file". A user is "user/default".

  • Thanks Cash!

    (I'm learning, slowly, but I know how it works ...)

    Estoy aprendiendo, de a poco, pero voy conociendo como funciona...


  • Also note that elgg_list_entities allows you to specify an alternative viewer function. This is good for one-off changes to how the entity is displayed if you can't achieve that by simply extending the existing view.

    If you want to replace the view everywhere then it is much easier to just over-ride the views Cash mentioned by placing a revised version in your own plugin.

  • 2-years old topic and still very usefull, thanks for the replies.

    How is one supposed to know what views are called on list_entities, or any other elgg function?

    I searched the source for an answer but couldn't find anything beside calls to page/components/*

  • As Cash said the views used by elgg_list_entities() can be found from the directory:


    So the view for e.g. an object of subtype blog can be found from: