TidyPics Killing Members in 1.8

Tried installing TidyPics 1.7.1 in Elgg 1.8.  Got it to work, no problem.  But when I go to Members and click on a member's name I get a blank page instead of their profile.  When I deactivate TidyPics clicking on a member works again -- goes to the profile page.  Not sure why they would conflict, but I tried activating/deactivating tidypics several times with the same results.

Anything I should adjust to keep these from conflicting like that?

  • That seems really odd. Not sure why Tidypics would conflict with the profile page. Are you going to the same URL from the Members page with Tidypics off and on?

  • Yes, and I think it's odd, too.  It affects both Profiles and Dashboard the same way -- blank page.  All others work as expected.  Disabling TidyPics brings both Profiles and Dashboard back.  I could put Admin in one browser window and a profile or Dashboard in the other, then enable and disable TidyPics while refreshing the other browser window and see the same result each time (so I know it was the same URL).

    I'm not getting any PHP error log entries, just blank browser windows.

  • @dan - do you have any other non-default plugins that are enabled while testing this?

  • I'm confused, so is version 1.7.1 for elgg 1.8 ???

  • No. As Cash has said before, there will be no official Tidypics release for Elgg 1.8 until after the release of Elgg 1.8.1.

  • @Tom, Sorry it took so long to reply!  That led to a solution very quickly.  It seemed to be a cascade of things, but what it came down to was using include() instead of include_once() in a customized section.  Apparently a custom mod was suppressing the error message, though I can't think why it would do that looking at the code.  When I disabled that mod, I saw the error showing that I was trying to redeclare a function so it was a matter of finding the file and fixing the include statement.

    Bottom line is that now everything is working -- custom mod, Tidypics, profiles, and Dashboard.

    Thanks very much for the suggestion.