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First... Kevin, this is a fantastic plugin.  Thanks for you efforts on this one.

I'm using the form and flexprofile plugins on Elgg 1.7.10.  It does exactly what I need but I'm a bit confused with the default and extended profiles.  When I turn on flexprofile, Whatever was in my default profile still shows up and I click on the "extended profile" link to see the profile form I created.  When I click "Edit Profile", all I see is the fields from my flexprofile form.  The default profile fields aren't accessible.

I guess that leads to two questions...

Is it possible to have the profile form show up on the Main profile page (not under "extended profile").  I've tried the different profile types under the configuration tab with no success.

Is it possible to have access to both the original profile fields and the ones on the new form?  If not tha's fine since I can just add them to my form.

  • You can easily add existing profile fields to your form - just use the same internal names and types.

    If you are still seeing just the default fields on your main profile, something is wrong. Perhaps it is a plugin ordering issue. The order should be: profile/form/flexprofile

  • Thanks Kevin.  The order is exactly as you say.  I made a test install of Elgg to play with and found out it's actually my theme that's causing the problem.  If I use the default theme the user profile form replaces the default one perfectly and exactly the way i want.  When I switch to the new theme (from hypeJunction, formerly the seashells theme which also has the problem), the profile is blank and is only visible if I turn on the default Profile format and select Extended Profile.

    If you can think of anything I should check I'm open to suggestions :)

  • You could try ordering flexprofile after your theme.

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