Migrating Elgg from local to remote

Hi all, i've just a simple question: which are the steps to follow to migrate a local elgg test website to the remote server?

Some more informations:
- I'm using EasyPHP- on a Windows 7 machine.
- I just want to test my elgg website online, cause i'm hosting it on my computer, but now it's time for some real online tests, that's why i'm asking.. Can please someone tell me clearly and straight the steps to follow? I think it could be really usefull for everyone that has my same needs!

Hope to get help!

  • Migration is quite straightforward:

    1. you have to copy the code to server, eg. via FTP

    2. you have to change settings in .htaccess and in engine/settings.php to point to new location and new database

    3. you have to either copy the database or copy plugin settings with use of plugin_manager or pluginsettings plugin to your remote server

  • Firstly, thank you for your answer Mike, now i want to ask you something about the steps in your answer:

    1. Ok.

    2. I dont have an .htaccess file, but i do have a httpd.conf file that's in EasyPHP-
    I've read that .htaccess and httpd.conf are not the same thing, but the first one is used when the admin cannot modify httpd.conf.
    So, how do i have to proceed in my case?
    For the engine/settings.php thank you, i didnt know that :)

    3. You mean to export the database with phpMyAdmin to an sql file or a .gz file and then import it in the remote machine, right?

    Thank you for your time ;) 

  • Oh, thank you!
    I'm also checking your website, cool things in it! ;)