1.8 gone belly up!

Hi Guys,

My Elgg 1.8 install has gone belly up. My users are unable to access the site due to the following problem:


This is what they greeted with. I restored from a previous backup but it's still showing this error???? How that is possible I have no idea?

This only started this morning so how come last nights backup is also doing this..?

  • Ok, found a backup from 2 days ago, dropped the database and restored from there, all working again.


  • When I hit that link I got a file not found message from mediafire.

  • Cash,

    I was able to see the image in the provided link. Please try again.

    Actually even I got the same screenshot today, when I go to the login page after enabling the option(mentioned below) in the Advanced Settings in the Admin page.


    Enable the site to run as a private network. This will not allow non logged-in users to view any site pages other than those specifically marked as public.