How to integrate elgg in magento?


Need a guide here.

I'm using Magento 1.6. And i want to integrate it with ELGG that i use for social networking site.

Just a little integration like use the user information from ELGG to login in Magento, and use their profile. And they able to buy product and so on using their login information in ELGG..

How can i do it?

Thanks in advance..

  • There is no guide available for integrating elgg with Magento. You can start with for learning how elgg works. If you are good with PHP and elgg you can code it yourself, or you can hire a dev.

  • Kopi, integration with Magento is quite complex, it will take approx. 1-2 workmonths to complete.

    In case you search for simple shop solution, there are a few options of e-commerce platforms available for Elgg which work as a plug-and-play plugins.

    In case you want to integrate Magento, you may start from SSO system - then eg. Facebook integration plugin may be usefull for you as an example.

  • Ok, i will try. Thanks for your reply and support guys.

  • Si tenés poco tiempo, te recomedaría integrar a través de Joomla:

    1. Instalas joomla
    2. instalas su módulo jfusion que permite compartir login e información entre joomla (1.5x no 1.6x), magento y elgg (<1.7.09) 
    3. Instalas magento
    4. Instalas elgg
    5. configuras el módulo JFusión (dentro de joomla)


    Con paciencia, en un rato tenés todo configurado y funcionando

    El único inconveniente es que tenés que loguearte desde joomla, pero probalo, es la mejor y más rápida solución.

  • Thanks Antonio, I just try use the JFusion. It work great. Unfortunately my client dont want to use Joomla. I try to find another solution. 

    Hope get help and guide from other developer here.

    Thanks again for the info.

  • ¿Probaste usar magento como master? Joomla y Elgg como esclavo...

    Nunca probé el registro en magento como master.

    Se que los registros en elgg no pasan a joomla, pero la mayoría de los sistemas soportados si lo permiten.

    El manejo de sesiones de Magento desde otra plataforma es un tanto complicado.

  • Did you mean when i setup magento as master, user can login without go to joomla page?

    How can i setup magento as master and joomla elgg as slave? i try sync the user, but not success yet..i sync user between elgg and magento so that user in elgg database can login magento, just my theory. is it correct?