Install issue Your data directory http://localhost:8080/data/el/ does not exist.

Just downloaded Elgg last version and tried to install on localserver (I'm using usbwebserver) but it seems that Elgg install can´t read the path to data directory.

I´ve tried with the data folder both inside and outside the elgg folder with the same result. I don`t get what the problem might be.

I have been searching on documentation and discussions but was not able to find any suitable answer.
Can someone help me to sort this out?

  • The path to your data directory should be a file system path, not http://

    If you're on windows it will look something like: C:\xampp\dataroot/

    If on linux (presumably Mac too?): /var/www/dataroot/

  • Thanks Matt

    The install direcory is D:\Joomla\server\root\el/

    When I add the data folder under root (outside elgg) install says "it does not exist" When I add it inside the ellg folder it tells me "Your data directory D:\Joomla\server\root\el/data must be outside of your install path for security"

    I tried to modify the htacess, but probbly did it wrong (I can't find the post now). As this seems to be the only viable option, and I'm not familiar with the file I would like to know where and how do I have to  change it.