OpenID Query...

Hi All,


I noticed once the Elgg Community site came back up yesterday, that it had a new feature of the OpenID login system, which gives users the ability to accept a standard login, new username and all that or to use the same login they have already previously chosen for other well known sites and that use the OpenID login system.

My query is if anybody know's if it is already been worked on for Elgg users like ourselves or if it's already able to be impletmented on our sites some other way?

It would be awesome if I could launch our site and those who come to it, a big % will have MySpace, FB, Windows Live logins already, it's definitely the way forward in my eyes but I will wait to hear your thoughts on the above.


  • Hi Dave,

    Thank you muchly for the above link. As it doesn't seem to come with any readme.txt file (neither the server or client), I take it we can integrate either the client or server dependant on how scaleable an OpenID solution we each require?

    • Client should work OK
    • Server you'll most likely have problems with

    ..don't need readMe.txt --

    There's not too much science to configure the Client ;-)

    pop it in, a few screens ( one if  remember ) a few clicks...

  • Hi Dhrup,

    I'll give it a go and i've just backed all databases and site up from the server, just incase ;) I presume the more I'm learning, as it's to do with user login, this would be placed at the bottom of the list just above templates, so it loads the quickest?

  • OpenID Client is just another PlugIn ;-O

    Yes - put last on list (prob does that by itself )

    [ but not b/c load quickest ;-O other reason for 'last" - not important for now ]

  • Dhrup,

    You remembered correctly, there is just one page to sort the settings, but it's all in gobbledy gook to me;


    Default server

    You can simplify logging on using OpenID by specifying a default OpenID server. Users who enter a simple account name (eg. "susan") during an OpenID login can have it expanded to a full OpenID if you provide a default server here. Put "%s" where you want the account name added. For example, enter "" if you want the OpenID to become "" or "" if you want the OpenID to become ""

    The presence of dots (".") is used to distinguish OpenID URLs from simple account names, so you can only use this feature for default servers that do not allow dots in their simple account names."

    In other words, how do i know what server address to place in the options? :s

  • It's ok I figured it out, after reading the above a number of times till it made sense.

    It's now active on my site, so I am going to create an OpenID account as a user and test the OpenID login on my site.

  • To test -- tryy loggin into yr site  with your gmail id -- should work

  • I don't use Gmail, have always been a user and then my own web domain emails but I created an OpenID and tried it and by jove it works and logged me in as a new user, it was an even shorter registration time of keystrokes with an OpenID, so I will be definitely marketing OpenID to the future users of my site. :)

    Thanks for all your help above.