bugs in 1.8

Hello Everyone,

First of all I tried to open a ticket in trac system, but it keeps on asking me to enter username and password, even though I registered, the issue kept on going and I gave up.

Here are some possiblities of bugs.

1. In admin you cannot remove a widget.


3. In IE the menu button "more" can not open.

4. Sending someone a friend request does not show up in top_bar.



  • Sometimes even I face the issue # 3.

  • fareed - what's you username for our trac site?

    As to the reports:

    1. Is anyone else having this problem with admin widgets? Is it browser dependent?

    2. I'm wondering whether you are having a more general problem of JavaScript not working.

    3. Would be very interested in hearing from more people on this one. I think Brett added some JavaScript to work around an issue with IE7 so it should be working.

    4. Elgg does not have friend requests so they won't show up in the topbar

  • Hello Cash,

    My username is fareed for trac too.  It is working in FireFox and Chrome it is just IE with issues.

    Issue 2, regarding Avatar, it is problem both in IE and Chrome.

    As for issue 4, if you add someone as friend, it will show a notification, but I don't see it in 1.8 and tested in all 3 browsers.


  • Fareed - I'm confident that JavaScript is not working at all on your site. You'll need to figure out why. Are any warnings being thrown by your browser? Most browsers have some sort of javascript console.