*** ~ Interested in Elgg // Some Questions ~ ***

1) where do donations for nonprofit elgg come from

2) what language(s) is used to program elgg?

3) what's the main reasons to use elgg instead of designing a social network

4) why is there nothing on http://community.elgg.org/pg/expages/read/About/ ?

5) what platform does elgg run on?

6) where is the best review site for those platforms?

7) where is the best review site for hosting companies?

  • Hi,

    What's your goal?  That would help us understand the context of your questions.  Otherwise, it ends up feeling like you're asking us to do your school report for you ;)


  • Almost all of your questions can be answered here: http://elgg.org/about.php

    Navigation is on the left.

  • Sorry, only #4 is answered.

    The goal is to see if elgg and the elgg community is amazing, helpful, and of quality.


    Additional Questions:

    8) Where did Elgg win the award from in 08?

    9) Is there a better support forum here, or on the entire Web, for elgg?

    Please link to specific links that are helpful.

  • @dance - yes - elgg is amazing; google is usually good for locating information; when is your school report due ? ;-) what are you really looking for ??

  • Ok here is the reply,
    "I know what helpful is" 

    This is funny!

    "Sorry, only #4 is answered.

    The goal is to see if elgg and the elgg community is amazing, helpful, and of quality."

    it is like if we answer correctly we will hear ding ding ding You are correct and YOU win a New CAR!!

  • I'm sorry, but I don't have time to write longwinded responses where they're not necessary.  The link I posted does in fact answer all of your questions.

    #1: Second link - Elgg supporters

    #2: 6th link down - Requirements - PHP/MySQL

    #3: 4th link down - Features - why would you start from scratch?

    #4: Not sure why that page wasn't configured, or the link removed, but there is a perfectly good about page on the main navigation.

    #5: See Requirements

    #6 & #7: You're on it, ask around.  Almost everyone here already uses Elgg in some way or another, deals with hosting, etc.


    This is an amazing helpful community, but you do have to be willing to put in some work on your end.  Even if that means following helpful links that are posted for you  :)

  • #1 ok, but what's the donation amount? or how can I check? seeing if elgg is going to stay around

    #2 sorry, clarification -- "what language was elgg programed in?"

    10) if not, does that mean you can't use any other languages besides php? 

    11) if yes, why does elgg lock you into using only php?

    #3 some people don't want to use php; many other reasons

    #7 asked around -- http://community.elgg.org/mod/groups/topicposts.php?topic=790521&group_guid=179063

    8) Where did Elgg win the award from in 08?

    "...willing to put in some work on your end... following helpful links.." --

    .......yep! don't follow links and am an incrediably lazy person. Just like me. And to the rest of you, I'm so sorry for you having an existance :) here's another example of what is helpful -- http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2869338/where-to-start-to-learn-android

  • Hi, rm2dance. Many of these have already been answered so if I'm just repeating someone feel free to ignore that answer...

    1) I don't believe the foundation has released that financial info, but Elgg isn't around because of donations. It's around because of volunteers and the community. No one is getting paid to work on Elgg (at least not by the Elgg Foundation).

    2) PHP

    3) Community Support, tried-and-true, security, not reinventing the wheel, etc.

    4) Sounds like a bug: care to report it to http://trac.elgg.org?

    5) Usually LAMP

    6) Not sure what you're looking for here.

    7) Ditto

    8) InfoWorld

    9) This is the best one. Also elgg-development on google groups.

    10) You can do whatever you want, but if you want the full benefit of the years put into Elgg, then you'll have to use PHP.

    11) It's written in PHP. If you don't want to use PHP, then Elgg is not the right framework for you. Every other framework has this problem, BTW. You have to use the language the framework was written in. This doesn't seem controversial to me. If you figure out a way to write a language agnostic framework, then props to you!

    That said, if you start out with Elgg, then decide it is no longer working for you, you are always free to switch to another framework, since you are in full control of your website.