Upgrading a large Elgg 1.5 community

Hi friends. I'm planning to update a large Elgg implementation, still in v1.5 (!), in a couple of months. I was looking here for the right path for doing that but no luck. Maybe someone could points me where I can get that info, if it exists.

Not sure if I should upgrade sequentially from 1.5 to 1.6 and so on, or I can upgrade it right to 1.8. In anyway, I'm sure it will not be a piece of cake :)

Have a nice day

  • Hi Morgar,

    I've also been rewriting plugins originally written for Elgg 1.5 or earlier and yes, rewriting them correctly for 1.8 is quite a bit of work.

    The good side is that the database changes have not been huge - it is more the API and look and feel changes that affect the code.

    To be honest, I wasn't that motivated to make major changes for Elgg 1.7. Sure, the new API functions were more convenient but that helps only when creating new code. For existing code, my attitude was: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So I just added some security tokens and kept going.

    For Elgg 1.8 there is no such simple fix. Moreover, the design changes and the new sticky form system are such an improvement that it is worth taking the time to rework my plugins from the ground up.

    I keep telling myself that the effort will be worth it once I'm done digging my tunnel to the other side of the mountain.


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