facebook and twitter

hello, i need some one to help me install facebook and twitter invite to me site.thanks

  • What version of elgg are you using? Also which one of the facebook and twitter plugin are you using?

    This will make it easier to help you faster.



  • Hello,

         this is the version,

    Elgg version : Release - 1.7.10, Version - 2011052801

    actually i dont have the plugin now...

    i will get the plug in at the plugin section

    what i really want in this plugin is that users of my site will be able to use it to invite their facebook and twitter friends to join my site..thanks

  • Ok, go to plugin section and look for fbconnect (version 2) upload it to your /mod directory and enable there.  Under setting insert the facebook and twitter info and save it.  Then you are ready to go.  This will allow you to register with you facebook account and twitter acount.

    If you want to invite friends from facebook/twitter and from your emails to join you site, you will need webgalli invite plugin.


    Hope this helps you out.


  • thanks fareed for that info