1.8 image upload/embed issue on TinyMCE

First, thx Brett for this great work!

Ive installed 1.8 and i testing around and found that i cant embed/upload a file when i using the "embed content" link on the upper right corner of the tinyMce Editor. The windows popup well but then i get the message "no items found", the same message on the tab upload!
i uploaded a file and tested again but the same message is shown...

Can someone confirm this issue or did i set the permisson wrong or something else?


  • I see same issue here;
    That's the TinyBrowser AddOn to TinyMCE;
    But try the insert/edit image icon on TinyMCE :- 



  • Oh no, thats not the same!
    The insert/edit icon on TinyMCE is only for images on other servers!

    in previous version i could upload a image which is also displayed under files in elgg, i could upload a image to the server and the image was registered in elgg. and i could choose a image from my uploaded imagelibrary....on the other tab.


  • Oh boy ;-)
    "in previous version" ? of what ??
    I am quite very familiar with both those features ;-)
    I did "confirm" the issue -- I see same here on my XAMPP;
    1.8.B.2 Embed PlugIn works OK.
    The "TinyBrowser AddOn" packaged with "TinyMCE Extended" did have
    such a facility for Elgg 1.7.X ; not Native Elgg 1.7.X or after 1.8.B2
    This may be some bug or configuration issue at ;-(
    The problem(s) you see is caused at this code point :=

    $view = "embed/$active_section/content";
    $section_content = elgg_view($view, $vars);
    // build the items and layout.
    if ($section_content) {
        $content .= $section_content;
    } else {
        $content .= elgg_echo('embed:no_section_content');

    - - implying that the $active_section variable might be undefined for here.
    I'd say that this could likely be a "bug" in the 1.8 Embed PlugIn;
    and in that case - it's best for one of the Elgg Core Team to refute or confirm ..
    maybe / p'raps give direction(s) for a fix / patch..
    I don't have quite sufficient spare time right now for detailed debugging ;-)

    You might want to poke around the code inside
    *    C:\xampp\htdocs\Elgg1801\mod\embed\views\default\embed\embed.php
    to see what's happening...


  • @illifly - Make sure you have the files plugin enabled. Also, what browser are you using?

  • @Brett: I can confirm the error ilifly has reported on FF. The embed media link doesn't show any files already available on the site and the upload tab can't be selected. Maybe it's a bug in the embed plugin as Dhrup says.

  • @Brett Yes, i have installed the file plugin and i uploaded with this plugin files. The file(s) are not visible in the TinyMCE. I use FF (3.6.21) as well as IE9.

    @DhrupDeScoop I know this worked well on a previous version few days ago, nightly build version of 1.8xx sorry, idont know the exact version...i updated every day..when bytes changed ;) i will play around with the snipped, thx for this...but i think it is very important that user can import their elgg-images in blogposts, pages,...

    The second import issue is only on IE9, that the submenutab dont expand on IE9 and user with IE cant go to the links in the submenu! Normaly, if the submenu dont expand you can click on it but this didnt work. People cant click on "more" so they never cant go to the submenu listed sites. I think this a big issue for IE...(i know crazy IE, but i check it..)

    Yesterday i created two tickets for the issues..

  • @Brett I can also confirm the image embed from file plugin prob in ff and chrome.  

    Also the tinymce image button isn't fetching images from other sites.  The image src link seems to get deleted and only a broken image icon shows.

    can also confirm that these did work in 1.8b

  • still same issue here my site is lookin aweful cos i cant upload images to tinymce i'm getting round it by uploading excel spread sheets but it looks amuerturish at best

  • @waynaldo: there is a bug in Elgg in the embed plugin. Elgg 1.8.1 has this issue fixed (the beta is out already).

  • thank you iionly done it and it works perfectly

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