elgg database

This is a REAL newbie question and i may even get a little blasted for it but I REALLY need help.

I uploaded the elgg zip to my site and hadnt changed the settings.example file to the settings.php. I did this changing all required information and still got the webpage saying elgg could not find the settings file. On the page it says you can put in the information below and they'll try to add the file for you, so (taking the easier route) i did this but got stuck when it asked for: Elgg database. What is this where can i find it? Is it the same as mysql host?

And should the crontab.mine be made in mysql tables? View my site.....


PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • First, you need to create the mysql database that Elgg will use yourself. Depending on your server admin tool you can do this for example via CPanel or a similar admin GUI.

    Then you can provide the database connection parameters (username, password, etc.) either during the installation of Elgg or enter these settings in the settings.php file. Have you checked if the name of the settings file is correct: "settings.php". It might be a typo and the name is slightly different. Then Elgg wouldn't find it during the installation and ask for the database connection credentials.

    The crontab has nothing to do with the mysql server / database. If your site is on a linux server, most likely cron is a tool available. It allows to configure jobs to be executed at fixed intervals (hourly, weekly, etc.). Again, it depends on the situation on your server, how to configure the cronjobs. In case of CPanel available, you can set up the cronjobs corresponding to the crontab.example quite easily via the CPanel GUI. It might also work if the crontab file is copied to the home directory and renamed to "crontab". But you still would need to adjust the file slightly according to your domain name etc.