2 questions, about advertising and commercial plugins.

1. What is the best plugin for those premium member services, virtual gift shops, and coin things which require money? I tried iZap ecommerce thing and vazco's gifts plugin with the vazco karma plugin too, but they were not that good. And can the plugins be with some kind of solo bank transfer with finnish bank groups?

2. Are there any free services to advertise my website and get people very fast? This question might sound silly and stupid but I just cannot wait for people to come.

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    hmm.. I wonder why is this topic not answered. I just needed help :(


    Or is this topic then not related to this group? Sorry if not :S I had no idea where else to post this topic :S

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    Okay I understand, 15 year old girl has no rights to earn money? ftl :D

  • Ok Hanna, the situation is very complicated let me try to express the main problems here :

    1 - If you do not know how to modify the code to fit your requirements, you need to hire a professional. A decent elgg website costs from 2000 usd up, if you only want to modify plugins. If you need to create a total new thing that is not covered or can be converted from existing plugins be prepared for more than 10.000 usd quotes. 

    2 - I'm sorry but you have to wait the correct buzz on the internet to get people into your site. The first thing is that you NEVER, EVER starting something with the goal of earning money. The minimal advertisment amount ( adwords+paid blogs reviews+giveaways ) is near 3500 usd.

    With this in mind check your budget before even starting. Whatever every CMS will try to tell you you will not earn cash with default installations, belive me.

    The truth? You can actually create a new facebook with elgg and the right idea. But it must be considered a way to reduce budget spent and not a "ready to go join my site we'll destroy twitter" because you will get your face on the wall and enter a wasteloop of money that will never come back.

    Hope we were useful,

    The GamerMesh Team


  • TSFI

    Ok, I understand :S

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