server load

Hi everyone, could someone please advice, I got an elgg site hosted on arvixe, and I am having server load problems. my elgg site has nearly 200 users, but I am expecting more users. My hosting with arvixe is the ""personal class"". Should I consider upgrading the hosting plan ? or is it something else ?


Thanks in advance for your replies

  • Which plugins do you have installed? What version of Elgg are you using?

    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • elgg version Release - 1.7.11 and here is the plugin list

    pages groups diagnostics messageboard htmlawed advt nospotlight logslide captcha Registration_Control uservalidationbyemail agerestriction welcomer login_redirector xpages contact vazco_topbar vasco_topbar_fixer profile profile_manager members invitefriends friends friend_request friends_online bottom_bar tinymce tidypics file folder gifts embed embedvideo videoplayer videolist mp3player group_tools mood Ggames elgg-ebuddy msn_me crystalball quoteoftheday iconmouseovermenu blog thewire riverdashboard river_comments likes messages search iSearch X_logout logbrowser logrotate garbagecollector crontrigger reportedcontent tracker deleteMe donation mobile request_password language_selector event_calendar super_notify notifications bookmarks custom_index twitter twitterservice externalpages defaultwidgets categories