Hiring an elgg developer for the age field? Where?

I think it's the time to hire an elgg developer, because PHP f'd me up on that age displaying problem >.<

Because of all of this, I want to ask like does the developer hiring have to be in Finland's computer maintenace stores or do I have chances to hire online?

And how much would the hiring cost?

  • You could post in the Professional Services group but looking at most of the other posts you will not get a reply. If you Google 'freelance Elgg developers' you will find some sites which you can post your requirements and people can bid on your project. Cost look to be approx $12 - 18 per hour. About $200 up for a simply plugin???

    Let me know how you get on.

  • TSFI

    ok, but I asked like does the elgg developer hiring have to happen in finland or just onlien?

  • I guess you won't find a developer offline (in Finland). You would need to ask either in the Professional Services Group or try to get in contact with a developer directly via his/her site. Before hiring you should write down what you want EXACTLY and VERY DETAILED to avoid any misunderstandings. You and also the developer shoule both be aware of what exactly the plugin should be able to do to avoid any problems later. You might not be able to find a developer capable of speaking Finish, so you might need to translate any language files on your own.

    Also think about how much money is your maximum limit beforehanded. Don't pay all the money beforehanded (if possible don't pay any money at all before you see at least some results). Only if all your requirements are fulfilled you should pay the full amount of money that was agreed on before.

    I think it shouldn't be too difficult for a good Elgg developer to implement your idea. Maybe you should try to get more than one offer independently to be able to compare the price.

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    but hey, wait a second! I don't think then that hiring a developer would work for me because I am underage (I'm almost 16 years old). Damn! I'm now in a big trouble with the php. :(

  • TSFI

    OMGOSH! Guess what? I MADE IT! Now the correct age is showing on every user! LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! YAYYYYY! :')


    Sorry for this "trolling" but I'm just so happy! :)


    I am so happy that I'm even crying of emotion in real life! :''''''')