Presenting GamersMesh, a social directory for gamers

The Gmesh team wish to present you a new "elgg-powered" site at: 


GamersMesh is a social directory aimed to help you sharing your games IDs ( such as the PSN ID, the Xbox GamerTag or the Wii Friend code ) easily and organize gaming sessions with your friends. To aceive this result we built everything around our “Universal PlayerTag” concept, that intends to associate you with all the PlayerTags you have shared but in a way to retain the privacy that you like. Users are now able to :

- Share all their Games IDs with different privacy settings, and reverse search a Game ID and obtain the owner of it. ( You meet someone online, you search the ID and a new friendship is born )

- Organize Games with a modified event calendar ( settings are different if you are a user or a guild/clan )

- Share photos, tag people and return the PlayerTags of people tagged in it. ( You do a meeting photo and you can finally associate who the player you game online with is in RL )

- Manage his/her guild or clan easily ( the modified event calendar helps a lot there )

- Blog, of course...


The site is currently in v1 and contains PARTS of our custom code into elgg. The more the site evolve the less "standard plugin" you see.

I hope you can enjoy a good experience on Gmesh.


Thank eveyone,

The GamersMesh Team