Searching members by proximity

Hi all,

I want to be able to have members find other members based on their proximity (zip code, mile distance, stuff like that). I wnat the search capbility but also that their can be a widget: "Newest Mmebers Near You"

Any ideas?

  • Store the ZipCode for Users
    Code to fetch Current User's ZipCode
    and Scan other Users' ZipCodes to determine distance
    (most likely using some WebServices API or your own ZipCode Proximity Database)
    to identify Users within a given distance radius.

  • Wow, too advanced for me. I' surpirsed nobody's done this. It would be hugely popular with dating websites.

  • "Nobody's done it" -- probably because it is "too advanced" ;-) e.g. To run your your own database for ZipCode proximity will take about 12.5 + 7.5 MB (how do I know that?) of raw data to load to MySql ++ the PHP logic to scan that for "proximities".. "Popular"? maybe so.. might be better luck to post on Professional Services or hire a Developer for that.. I just can't see anyone doing all that much code work for the pure love of GPL'ed PlugIns ;-(

  • @Matt If you want to find users through zip code you could use the profile manager plugin, create a zip code field, and use profile manager's advance search.

    For thE 'people near you' you could use the people from the neighborhood plugin and edit it to only displays the users with the same zip code. I've done that for a dating project.

    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • @RJC:=
    Not *same ZipCode ;)
    I think he wants something like
    "Members within ## Miles of you"
    And that should then scan for Members' ZipCodes within the distance specified..
    That's how real Dating sites work - without limiting to just a small area by your ZipCode ;-o