Widgets not appearing

I'm using elgg 1.7.10

I've been developing a site using Elgg for a few months now, and only recently have I run into this problem. On certain users, two new users, for instance, widgets do not appear on their profile when anyone other than the user is logged in, looking at their profile.

I'm using a tool, login as, to see exactly whats going on, and I have created demo users, to check if default wigdets are being added to their profile properly, which they are.

For some reason, widgets appear in the user's profile when the user is logged in and looking at their own profile, but not when other people look at their profile.

The wild thing is that older users in my system don't seem to have this problem, and I have one user who only one widget shows up (even though, logging in as them, all the proper widgets are in place).


You can take a look, using these links, if it helps.

Good user widget set up: http://artofatec.com/pg/profile/ajmagallanez

Bad widget set up: http://artofatec.com/pg/profile/joeb

Odd widget set up: http://artofatec.com/pg/profile/jason


For each of these profiles, the widgets are actually set up the same way. I just don't know where to begin looking to fix this problem.

I can give a run down of what plugins I'm using is nessesary, but ones involving widgets are: "defaultwidgets", "noelab_media_embedly", "friends" (and "friend-request" and "be tom") "groups" "thewire"

  • I think that the theme might involve the widgets to. I have been using seashells (hypestyler) too with noelab and have not seen this. But did you try to disable the theme just to see what happens. Also you might want to play with the position of your plugins I put noelab before hypestyler. I did notice that I have a problem with simple cache. I unchecked it and my display problem went away (problem = profile icons displayed wrong size) http://yocmatsu.com

  • Is "defaultwidgets" a plugin that you added in addition to Elgg's standard plugin? Then this would be my guess for the root of your issue. Normally, only accounts created AFTER setting up default layouts for profile page and dashboard will get the new configuration. This would explain why only new accounts are affected. If your refer to the defaultwidgets plugin delivered with Elgg (also true for other bundled plugins) then I don't think  this is causing the problem.

    I would suggest to disable any 3rd party plugins / themes temporarily to check if the problem persists and to narrow down the plugin that might cause the issue by enabling the plugins one at a time.

    Maybe a useful plugin for testing:


    It will remove the widgets of disabled plugins.


  • I have figured it out, for some reason, default access of the widgets changed from 'public' to 'private'. Now I just have to figure out how to change the settings for it, so I don't have to manually change it for every new user.

  • Solved after reading another post of yours, iionly, http://community.elgg.org/pg/forum/topic/727480/widgets-at-profile/#annotation-3277765

    Thanks for your help.
    Good ELGGing!