Adding Coments error for loggedin users.

When anybody is trying to add something in comments , it show following error.

Sorry, you need to actually put something in your comment before we can save it.

I am on elgg 1.7.8 and recently no changes were done to any plugin. But at last night I did some MYSQL optimizations is these are related to mysql values, According to me this kind of error accured due to some js please let me know if anyone face same situation.

I saw one more related post but not clear. I am using speak freely plugin and it is working very well for logged out users.



  • RESOLVED: Ok, I noticed in the updated tiny_mce project from the tiny_mce website, that there is a tiny_mce_src.js file in same dir as tiiny_mce.js. The tiny_mce.js is a compressed version of tiny_mce_src.js I guess. I changed names such that  tiny_mce.js -> tiny_mce_ORIG.js (to hide it) and tiny_mce_src.js -> tiny_mce.js (so src file would be used). Ran /upgrade.php to clear cache. Then no more "tinyMCE undefined" errors and now WYSIWYG worlks in IE9.

  • Sometimes I really wonder why I should bother with trying to help...

    Instead of downloading the LATEST release of tinymce as suggested you prefer using a version that is more than a year old - released even before IE9 was available. Then, you get it fixed by using the uncompressed js file instead of the compressed file. Fine... Good for you... But you are aware that the uncompressed file is more than twice as large as the compressed file? I hope you don't ask about tinymce being slow to load on your site next.