Localhost and remote host issue

I have been tweaking  theme for one of my sites. I was using a localHost program to do it. When I got ready to upload the changes to the site (no changes made to core items) it suddenly started producing errors. One error was Call to undefined function curPageURL1(), another was expecting ";" received ")" or similar.

Is this something that is common. The site was working perfectly on my two localhosts with the changes I made. But have errors now on hosting. Any help or ideas appreciated.



  • First, what is a "localhost program?" Do you just mean working on the site on a local web server?

    This isn't common. That function doesn't exist in core, so if you're calling to it in your theme it must be defined somewhere else, or it's a typo. I'd try to upload everything again to make sure it transferred correctly, then start comparing files to see if there are any differences.

  • I am using XAMPP for my localhost. I am in the process of reuploading everything. It broke my site, so I am double checking everything and seeing if I had a different plug-in installed that was causing the error. I fixed it was a fluke, but wanted to make sure.




  • The error was actaullaan Id10t error/user issue (me). I have fixed it and getting my update uploaded.


    Thank you,