Deleting the views_simplecache folder

I installed Elgg to demo it and, although it seems to be a great program, it didn't fit my needs. So I deleted the SQL database and the Elgg files but the folder views_simplecache won't delete. I found some other topics noting the problem but none that discussed how to fix it. Any ideas short of reinstalling Elgg (I'm on limited bandwidth here)? Thanks

  • No one knows how to get rid of this?

  • The data dir will have content that's owned by the user the web server runs as, so what's happening is the system see that you don't own those files and directories and isn't letting you remove them. What sort of hosting do you have? If you can su(do) to root, you can delete it that way. You can also try to change the owner of the data dir to your user (chown username: data/dir), then remove it.

    If you're on shared hosting and they're not using suexec for Apache it might be more complicated. One surefire way to do it is to create a PHP script that deletes it for you.

  • Brett, I am on shared hosting and the files won't let me change anything about them: ownership ("nobody"), permissions, nothing! I tried both my ftp client and my host's file manager. Kind of scary actually. I'll try the php script solution you suggest. Thanks!

  • I have also this probleme , i cant remove files from folder simple_cache

  • hmm if you are using cpanel there is problem with cpanel that folder is auto set to 700 and when user set to 655 the folder is again auto set to 700 you can delete folder by Brett SAID ( as su(do) to root,) 

  • Using php's rmdir and unlink files doesn't work, file's won't allow changing permissions at all, cant delete with cpanel or ftp client, can't rename, can't do anything. Also, lǐ áng said "auto set to 700". My files are set at 655 fron the installation. Neither I, nor my ftp client can change these settings.

    These suckers have super powers and I have to say, don't like that at all. I tried to reload Elgg to see if that changed anything with regards to the permissions but now, I can't even get a clean install so I'm buggered. Does anyone know who the developer is? Maybe they have an answer. 

  • You are fighting the systems that exist to protect your sites from outside hacking!

    When I had a similar problem on another system, I simply raised a support ticket with my hosting provider and they delected it for me.


  • I'm one of the core developers. I don't understand how PHP can not remove them. What's the code look like?

    If you're on shared hosting and absolutely nothing works you'll likely have to ask them to delete it for you. I'd then recommend finding another host that has suexec set up, or even better, get a cheap VPN.

  • Brett , i want to ask you if i delet the files from folder simple cash , this cause a probleme in my site ?

    sorry for bad english

  • If you delete the simple cache files they will be regenerated. If you're running an active Elgg site there's no reason to delete these files.