What is Elgg exactly

Hi all!

I'm here because I have a system that magaes users and I'd like to add social fetures. I'd like to try out Elgg but I don't understand if I can use it as a framework. I mean, is it realized to be used directly in the code or is more like WordPress?

  • It is sort of inbetween an application like WordPress or MediaWiki and a framework like Zend or CakePHP. If you turned off the plugins that are distributed with Elgg, you'd be left with the bare engine. The engine has a data model for build social applications quickly, support for managing users, web services API, etc.

  • Thank you for the answer.


    So, what can I do to start to use only the engine part? Which files I need?


    Thank you again for the support.

  • Go download the elgg product then delete everything in the mod directory.


    or... i mean disable all the plugins from the admin panel.

  • I don't need admin panel stuff. I mean, I already have my web site and I only want to integrate social features like users connections and Facebook-like wall.

    There are classes ready to use directly in the code? Where are there?

    Thank you for the answers.

  • The Facebook-like wall isn't there ... well, not exactly like that of Facebook. But, you could try my three column riverdashboard. ... but, not a rocket-science to code one, I know this for sure.

    You could always clone the look of your existing website to integrate it into Elgg so that both of the sites look identical.

  • My suggestion:  search 'facebook-theme' at Elgg plugin repository.


  • Thank you for the answers.

    Is it too complicated restart all with a CMS and make it looks like my original web site.

    I just need a framework with classes to use directly in the code. Do you know something that can meet my need?

  • Hmm ... you would need to spend some time with the CMS to play with it ... or, you could hire someone from the professional group to do the job for you.

  • I think that the best way is to write the social engine framework by myself.

    I looked around but I didn't find nothing that fit my needs :(

    Any way, thank you all for the replies :D

  • Smith

    Aegidius you can try this:


    In my opinion, it's the best social networking engine you can find on the web, but it's not for free.

    you can use my email and psw to try the demo.



    This is very different from elgg, and it is much better in some things:

    It's faster, uses all the technology and the power of Web 2.0, live notification system, chatbar included, share and upload video included, you may share any content by clicking on share button, all the pages are updated automatically without the need to press f5 on the keyboard, excellent use of javascript and ajax, well-made wall.
    These are just some of the things that social engine has, when you pay, sometimes you have better things :)