Does elgg 1.8 address the spam issue?

I am getting destroyed by spam!  Does the new edition of Elgg (i am using 1.7 currently) have any answer to this?  I just wish there was a setting where I would have to approve every new registration on my site.  I am going to have to do something cuz my site is getting overwhelmed with it.  Is there an answer to this?

  • 1.8 focuses on UI/UX and standardizing many of the APIs and other internal functions. The spam problem will be addressed through plugins, and there are already some fairly useful ones out there for 1.7 and I'm sure they'll be ported to 1.8 in due time.

  • @Cornospean:


    - - This is the latest Spam Fighter for Elgg; and works pretty well with regard to registration-time spammer-blocking ( I call it the "Zaptor TrapFilter" ! ) Other wys to "approve" Registers :- SiteAccess maybe, WebGalli's Spam Thwang PlugIn...

    Please try the "spam-login-filter" and report back with yr results/ successes on that PlugIn's Comments Page.


  • i use spam-login-filter and WebGalli's Spam Thwang PlugIns together. Webfali allows me to report the spammer to stop forum spam and spam-login filter takes care of new registrations. I also added recaptcha and modified the unvalidated users plugin to show 75 records  instead of 10 at a time so i can delete unvalidated users faster. (well at least with less clicks on my part.)


    mod/uservalidationbyemail/views/default/ uservalidationbyemail/admin/users/unvalidated.php (you will see a limit value you in the file)

    Hope that helps. i'm now looking for an easy way to delete large numbers of blog entries with out using phpmyadmin.