How to change frontpage

Hi there,

I've got a question, how do I change the layout of the front page?

What if i want to have a column with some links somewhere? or add some other stuff.

Another thing, if i am in the admin panel and go to configure -> Appearance -> default widges

If i click on profiles on the left screen, i get an error ..

Invalid Admin Section.

Invalid Admin Section.


thanks in advance for your help.




  • Oh and another question, where do i change the standard email text ? or any text for that matter?

    and why are the standard profile fields not editable ? if i add a new profile field, all the current profile fields are gone ...

    NOt sure (bcs i dont have as much), but perhaps if a site has thousands of users .. the user administration section could use a few tools. Like listing and filtering on username, or country or etc etc

    And how can I have more menu items on top? Now the maximum = 6?

    How do I delete all Log Entries? or filter them for a quick look on things that went on. If i have several users on the site, that log file will quickly add pages .. what if i am looking for something specific? Would be nice to filter on a specific user, to watch what he/she has been doing. If i go to a user and select ADMIN OPTIONS and then LOG Browser i get an error

    Invalid Admin Section.

    Invalid Admin Section.

    Same problem as default widges


    How and where can i create access levels? I want to control what my users can and cannot do. Perhaps i want to allow some users to write a blog, and others are not allowed. Where are these settings?

    Spam control ? no where to be seen

    User control .. i want to be able to CHOOSE a password for my user, not have it mailed only and randomly chosen by the system

    Moderating .. where can i provide a list of words that will automatically report bad content?

    Why is it not possible to put a blog posting in a category? and on the admin side the ability to create this category list?

    How can i notify all my members at once? mass emailing?

    Where can i blacklist certain IP addresses?

    If someone befriends me, i do not see any notification on  Elgg, only by email, but nothing on the frontpage. I have to go my friends page, and there i will see a notification.

    I think all of the above should be in the core pack of Elgg .. but thats my humble opinion.


  • As I can see it with a quick scan is that about all your issues have a good answer. You might want to start by splitting each question and digging for plugins and earlier asked questions.

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