Inputs for business case rationale?

Hi all,

I work in a corporate environment (5,000+ employees)  and believe there is strong potential for social tools to contribute toward workplace engagement, collaboration, effectiveness etc.

One observation of mine is that our staff are increasingly using externally hosted tools to meet their comms and collaboration needs (things like Twitter, Yammer, BaseCamp etc) so a good knowledge security strategy could be to host such functionalities inside the firewall.

I'm interested to learn about other users thoughts and experiences wtih using Elgg (or other social tools and platforms) in business, and am particularly interested to learn of any formal studies that may exist around understanding impacts of social tools in corporate settings.

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  • Hi !

    I set up a new group (but only in german) - elgg for companys.

    But my english is very bad, so i can't explain it in english.

    The first ToDo's are :

    - improved walledgarden, that blocks group creation and group invititations

    - change 'groups' to 'departments'

    - make 'departments' hierarchical.




  • Hi Ralf,

    gute Idee mit der neuen Gruppe.
    Für mich stellt sich die Frage, wie sinnvoll es ist die Gruppen bzw. Abteilungen hierarchisch abzubilden. Ich denke, damit bildet man auch die unternehmeninternen Probleme (Abteilungsdenken und Abteilungsabgrenzung) mit ab. Das ist ja nicht unbedingt im Sinne von 'zusammenarbeiten'. Eine Alternative ist, die Gruppen in einem Organigramm zu verlinken, aber die dezentrale Gruppenstruktur zu behalten. Sind denn Eure Abteilungen strikt hierarchisch organisiert?

    English summary
    'elgg for companies' is a nice idea.
    Suggestion: Instead of organizing groups hierarchical, show an organigram and link them there.


  • Thanks Arnie & Ralph,

    I'm thinking that keepign group creation and membership open would be the way to go... At least in my company, we are forever working on projects that need us to coordinate across business units and departments, so I think creating ad hoc groups around projects should be allowed.

    Do any users have access to studies around impacts of such tools on productivity and employee engagement?